The pin badge is a classic among personalized badges.

The pin badge is a high-impact communication medium that can be distributed massively during events.

pin badge

structure   Safety pin
attachment   High quality digital print
color   gold or silver
finishes Weight (Ømm)   5g (37), 6g (44), 10g (56), 18g (75)
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New ! Discover our FSC-certified Ecobois badges exclusively!

Opt for an all-wood badge with four-color UV printing.

100% customizable cutting shape

In addition to badges of standard shapes (round, oval, rectangular), we are able to offer you custom badges. The cutting of your wooden badge is made to the desired shape according to your needs and desires... There is no limit!

Our services offered

  • Creation, preparation, control of the visual
  • Multi-visual production (1, 2, 3…) at no extra charge
  • Validation prototype before production
  • Choice of creative finishes: gloss or matte
  • Priority delivery!

No minimum order…
from 1 to 200,000 badges we are your partner

Unit price excluding VAT (8.1%).

50+ 100+ 250+ 500+ 1000+ 2500+ 5000+ 10000+
Ø 25mm CHF0.67 CHF0.53 CHF0.48 CHF0.43 CHF0.39 CHF0.30 CHF0.27 Quotation
Ø 37mm CHF1.00 CHF0.77 CHF0.71 CHF0.60 CHF0.54 CHF0.43 CHF0.38 Quotation
Ø 44mm CHF1.22 CHF0.83 CHF0.77 CHF0.67 CHF0.59 CHF0.46 CHF0.41 Quotation
Ø 56mm CHF1.32 CHF0.94 CHF0.84 CHF0.73 CHF0.63 CHF0.49 CHF0.43 Quotation
Ø 75mm CHF1.80 CHF1.40 CHF1.27 CHF1.12 CHF0.99 CHF0.76 CHF0.66 Quotation

For a quantity of badges less than 50 copies, contact us .

Garment Attachment Options

Based on the pin badge, we offer you practical solutions to avoid damaging fragile textiles.
The pin is replaced by a 2 pt rectangular magnetic fastener or by a clip/pin.

Unit price excluding VAT (8.1%).

Clamp/pin Magnet 2 pts
Surcharge based on pin price +CHF0.40 +1.15 CHF

Bindings with a magnet are not suitable for people with pacemakers!

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You will find below our templates to help you in the realization of your visuals.