Manufacturing time

Manufacturing times are expressed in working days. The badge workshop processes orders from Monday to Friday.

Quantities Manufacturing delays*
1 to 250 badges 1 day
251 to 1000 badges 1 to 2 days
1001 to 5000 badges 2 to 4 days
5001 to 10,000 badges 1 week
10,001 to 200,000 badges 1 to 4 weeks

* After validation of the BàT and according to the production schedule.

Production Express: we perform miracles!

In the context of an urgent order to be processed within ultra-short deadlines, shipping costs will be invoiced (Swiss-Express Lune) as well as administrative costs concerning the modification of our production schedule.

Priority delivery for Switzerland

The delivery time for your order is on average 24 hours.

Delivery times are given by the Swiss Post as an indication and are not contractual.
L'Atelier du Badge cannot guarantee delivery times.

You can trace the parcel at any time by clicking on the following link:

Express Lune with guaranteed delivery before 9 a.m.

For more peace of mind, the Atelier du Badge offers you to send your goods by express. This service is offered by the Post Office to guarantee the distribution of your package the working day following the deposit, at the latest before 9:00 a.m. (Tolerance of more or less 5 minutes).

Price of sending by Swiss-Express Lune

  • Up to 2 kg: 18.- CHF
  • Up to 10 kg: 22.- CHF
  • Up to 30 kg: 29.- CHF

Delivery by scooter in Lausanne

If you want a tailor-made delivery, we offer a door-to-door service, for a package up to 5 kg: 32.- CHF

Delivery in Europe

Shipping costs are based on the total weight of your package and depending on the country of destination.

Conditioning and packaging

All badges are bulk packed in a paper bag.

For sending your goods, we generally use “2nd hand” boxes. This means that we reuse the boxes received from our suppliers. The packages are oversized and protected by recycled cushioning to guarantee maximum protection for your badges during transport.