We manufacture badges but not only!

At the Atelier, we particularly like objects with a good unit cost/effectiveness ratio, which is why we now offer you personalized lanyards.

An effective, useful and sustainable communication medium!

  • Effective : because its marking surface is large, which allows maximum visibility when worn around the neck.
  • Useful : the neck strap is one of the supports that is useful on a daily basis and it rarely ends up at the bottom of a drawer. Transformed into a key ring, its long cord makes it very easy to find.
  • Durable : Solid and resistant at the same time, the neck strap is indestructible and will bring you visibility for a long time.

A clear offer from 50 copies

To bring you the best possible experience, we have simplified our offer as much as possible with a 20mm neckband and double-sided sublimation printing on 100% polyester fabric.

On this basis, we offer 4 levels of customization according to your needs and your budget:

  1. Classic: Metal carabiner
  2. Attachment: Carabiner & separation attachment
  3. Secure: Carabiner & safety tether
  4. Combo: Carabiner & separation tether & safety tether

Benefit from a maximum of services offered

  • Graphic creation
  • Good to print digital
  • Delivery within 8 to 10 working days

Visit our product page at the following address: atelierdubadge.ch/tdc